Human Growth Hormones - HGH
Human Growth Hormones have a variety of different functions. But their main function is growth.

By definition
human growth hormone is a hormone that is produced and secreted by cells in the pituitary gland. It promotes the growth of both hard and soft tissues. It also affects your metabolism and helps to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood.

During puberty the levels of this hormone will peak. After puberty hits the level of growth hormone in your body will start to decline. When this happens things such as
muscle mass loss and loss of bone density start to occur.

This is were the
supplement HGH or human growth hormone comes into play. HGH can help you age gracefully. Some have even referred to it as the fountain of youth.
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Benefit #1 - It prevents muscle mass loss

HGH will actually increase the amount of muscle mass you have. It will also make your muscles leaner and stronger. As a result your bones will stay strong and be less likely to break or fracture. You will also heal quicker from injury.

And best of all your body will burn more fat and you will stay lean and healthy.

Benefit #2 - It lets your skin look and feel healthy

As we grow older our skin tends to sag. HGH will help keep the elasticity in your skin and prevent it from wrinkling. Your skin will also be more resistant to sun damage and any wounds will heal much faster.

Benefit #3 - It gives you energy

Energy is very important as it helps us make it through the day. Without it we are weak and unable to take care of the things we need to take care of.

HGH gives you a big boost of energy. That energy will help you stay alert and be able to tackle the challenges of everyday life.